Why Cleaning Without Chemicals Means Cleaner Breathing Air

Did you know that after just 15 minutes of inhaling fumes from a chemical-laden limescale cleaner can lead to three times the one-hour-acute-exposure limit established by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment?

Toilet bowl cleaners, usually a combination of chlorine and hydrochloric acid, give off instantly toxic fumes that are dangerous from the first time you inhale them.

So why should a conscientious homeowner choose chemical-free cleaners? Breathe easy and read on.

The Environmental Protection Agency released a groundbreaking report in 1985 that included the conclusion that indoor pollution created in large part with chemical cleaners was three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor pollutants.

Other top indoor polluters include air fresheners and oven cleaners.

However, you can pack a powerful cleaning punch with natural cleaners that you probably already have around the house. In fact, just four products that all are powerful multi-taskers will keep your house clean, disinfected, and fresh--without harmful fumes and a build-up of indoor pollution.

Think lemons. Aesthetically pleasing, with a naturally fresh aroma, lemons are naturally potent degreasers and disinfectants that also deodorize and shine everything from counter tops to dishes to floors. In addition, lemons make a great hair rinse and an effective facial masque for oily skin when combined with honey.

Baking soda, white vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide are the remaining natural cleaners to complete and round out any cleaning closet.

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Criteria Or Checklist Of Truly Good Home Care Products

Criteria Or Checklist Of Truly Good Home Care Products

Buying Organic Products
Above all, you should eliminate harmful and toxic chemical products from your home. You should use environmentally safe products instead. This means switching from dangerous and environmentally hazardous products to more sustainable and ecologically friendly ones. These products are not sold at specialty stores. On the contrary, you can find these ecologically friendly products at most grocery and drug stores throughout any major city.

Where To Buy The Best Home Products
The best places to go for environmentally sound products are your local grocery store or chain pharmacy. These places will offer a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Furthermore, you can clearly see on the bottle whether or not a particular product is environmentally safe to use. Stay away from any products that lack the ecological sticker on the bottle. You can even make home cleaning solutions at home. All you need is a squirt bottle, vinegar and water. This is a perfect substitute for cleaning counters, windows and dirt. Additionally, you can research more information about healthy cleaning supplies directly online. This will provide you with substantial eco-products to use at home.

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VOCs And Paint Strippers: Why You Should Care

VOCs and paint strippers are commonly used in the house as a way of cleaning and removing existing paint from walls and other surfaces. And while these products may be effective in getting the job done, many home owners fail to think about both the short and long term impacts that these chemical products can have on one's surroundings. After all, these products work through the use of a combination of harsh chemicals and can be downright dangerous to the environment and to your family.

Many of these products release chemicals directly into the air when they are used; over time, the buildup of these chemicals in the atmosphere has been proven to break down the Earth's O-zone layer, which is responsible for blocking harmful rays from the sun from hitting the planet and harming us. So the more you use these products, the more damage you are potentially doing to the Earth.

So if you care about the planet on which you live and would like to reduce your carbon footprint as a way of leaving it a better place, then you may want to consider using other products to get the job done aside from harmful VOCs and paint strippers.

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Chlorine-Based Dishwasher Detergent Versus Phosphate or Chlorine-Free Alternatives

Choosing cleaning agents and products that will be able to offer superior benefits is an important concern for any household, and should not be an issue that goes overlooked. Dishwasher detergents that are toxin-free, environmentally-friendly and will be able to provide a superior level of performance can be an important investment, one that will ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable home environment is able to be created. Selecting a product that is free of harmful chemicals, toxins and other agents that may be an irritant or cause other issues can be an simple and effective way to create a more enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere.

Chlorine is a chemical agent that can cause irritation to those who come into direct contact with it, or if your dishwasher is unable to completely remove trace amounts or residue after each wash cycle. Finding and making use of a less caustic alternative will ensure that keeping your kitchen and dishes clean can be done without risk of further issue. Exploring the many viable alternatives that are on the market and selecting products and cleaning agents that will be free of toxins and irritating chemicals will allow you to keep your kitchen clean without further issue.

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The Unspoken Yet Shocking Dangers Of Synthetic Cleaning Products

Caustic, irritating and even dangerous chemicals that can be found in a wide range of cleaning products may not be a concern that you can afford to ignore. Ensuring that your household is free of any chemicals that may cause irritation or even more serious health concerns could be a very rewarding effort. With a wide range of safer alternatives and less caustic agents and products to choose from, creating an environment that is free of harmful toxins and chemicals could be easier to do than you may have imagined. Investing in more environmentally-friendly agents, less caustic cleaning products and the alternatives that will eliminate the risk of irritation or health concern can be a very rewarding undertaking. Customers who possess a better understanding of this issue will be able to enjoy greater success when it comes to finding and making use of the best options and alternatives available. Addressing the potential risks, dangers and other issues associated with more abrasive, caustic and even toxic chemical cleaning agents may not be a concern that you can afford to overlook. Creating a safer and more comfortable household may simply be a matter of making smarter purchases and wiser choices in terms of your cleaning products.

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Reasons To Select Organic/Natural Potpourri Instead Of Air Fresheners

When it comes to keeping one's home smelling its best at all times, buying some kind of air freshener is often the first choice of many home owners. After all, this is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to go about keeping the home smelling fresh and to eliminate odors. However, there are also other and more natural ways to go about keeping one's home smelling lovely. One of the best ways to go about doing this is to purchase organic or natural potpourri as opposed to air fresheners. There are many reasons as to why this is the better option. For starters, the potpourri is all natural, so there are not any harmful chemicals released into the air. The same cannot be said for using store-bought air fresheners. Furthermore, potpourri can also be decorative and can be displayed on end tables, counter tops, ADT Home Security, and the like to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of the home. Finally, potpourri also tends to last longer and creates a stronger scent than most air fresheners do. So if you are looking to keep your home smelling great at all times, then be sure to consider the option of using natural potpourri instead of air fresheners.

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